LACTLD REPORT #6 – June 2015

This first 2015 Edition contains an article on Cyber security and a column by Pablo Hinojosa from APNIC about the Global Conference on Cyber Space. An article about the work of Kantara Initiative as the main provider with a Security Framework, as well as a platform for the needs of the private sector for the development of policies and standards in the industry. A set-up on the progress made in the IANA functions transition. An interview to Valeria Betancourt, director of the Program on Information and Communication Policies at APC as well as José Clastornik, CEO at AGESIC y eLAC President, to better understand MAG specific mechanisms and the regional singularities. We have also interviewed Francisco Arias, Director of Technical Services at ICANN, who develops the advantages of the new RDAP protocol. An article about the controversial initiatives around zerorating and, last but not least, a space for the statistical analysis of ccTLDs, this time from a commercial perspective.


We reached to thirteen! .uy signed DNSSEC

.UY became the 13rd LACTLD member to sign the zone (and number 14 from Latin America and the Caribbean) on August 4 when it performed the key signing generation ceremony for the new secure translation service for Internet domain names (DNSSEC). ...
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LACTLD Tech workshop with .CL

From 25 to 27 August the 10th Tech LACTLD workshhop was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Santiago de Chile with, with .CL as local host. The event brought together mainly LAC ccTLD technicians and special invited experts from ...
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Raúl Echeberría awarded with the 2015 LACNIC’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Last 4 August, as part of the activities organized within the framework of the Regional Internet Governance Forum of Latin America and the Caribbean (LACIGF) held in Mexico (3-4 August), Raul Echeberría was awarded with the LACNIC 2015 Outstanding Achievement ...
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IANA transition posponed until September 2016

Although a deadline was initially settled on September 30, 2015, the IANA transition will be finally postponed until September 2016 as, over a month before the deadline set by the IANA functions contract, the Internet ecosystem has realized that in ...
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