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Anycast Cloud

Strengthening the DNS infrastructure and stability in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Personal Data Protection and ccTLDs

Erick Iriarte reveals and analyzes the results of the survey conducted by the Association’s Policy and Legal Working Group, which studies the state of the region in terms of personal data protection regulations and the impact of these regulations on the operation of the various ccTLD members of LACTLD.

IXP.GT is LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud new node

The Guatemala Internet Exchange Point (IXP.GT) brings the 12th node to the LACTLD Anycast Cloud. This brings the collaborative network to a total of 12 nodes and 13 clients.

Anycast Cloud: Peru IX joins it as a node

Peru IX (PIT Peru SAC) brings a new node to LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud. This way, the collaborative network has 11 nodes and 13 clients, of which .PE is one of them. This addition contributes to the distributed nature of the Cloud and, therefore, to a better load management, a reduction in response times and a greater robustness and resilience of the Internet in the region.