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Anycast Cloud

Strengthening the DNS infrastructure and stability in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Perceptions of IT Decision-makers on the use of DNSSEC

Pablo Rodríguez, Executive Vice President of PR Top Level Domain shares a study that explores the IT Decision-makers’ perceptions on the use of DNSSEC, and he presents a series of recommendations based on the results.

The IGF LAC Space 2020 was held

The fourth edition of IGF LAC Space brought together 17 organizations and more than 50 participants in a regional discussion organized by LACTLD.

.PE joined LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud

NIC Peru became a part of the 11 ccTLDs in the region that are already clients of LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud. This means that the ccTLD has copies of its zone in the different nodes that make up the network.

New Coordinators for LACTLD Working Groups

LACTLD Working Groups were created in 2016 as discussion and exchange platforms that allow channeling the interests and experiences of the ccTLDs in the region around specific topics (technical, commercial, legal and policy).