About Anycast

The LACTLD Anycast cloud is a joint initiative of collaboration between ccTLDs in Latin America and the Caribbean which aims to promote the robustness and resilience of the Internet in the region with a mechanism that allows to reuse the same name of an NS in several geographical locations. The network is based upon best effort principles, it is a non-profit venture and it does not seek to compete with existing commercial providers.

How does it work?

A separate architecture was designed in different modules:

  1. End nodes: These are the servers (or cluster of servers) hosted by each participant of the project and each has the DNS that respond for
  2. Master distributor: It is responsible for receiving the zones from the ccTLD users of the cloud and for distributing them to each end node.
  3. Monitoring: There are continues trials, collection of performance indicators and alerts creation when faced with anomalous situations.
  4. Central configuration and management: It contains the centralized configuration of each node and is capable of turning on and off, as well as reconfiguring any of the DNS nodes.
  5. Statistics collector: It stores information about traffic as well as useful queries from the ccTLDs users of the cloud.

The network is coordinated through distributed documented systems, versions’ control and control systems of secure access which allow the administration of the system to be agile and collaborative.