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Anycast Cloud: joins as a client and the project reaches a milestone joined the regional Anycast Cloud community, bringing the number of clients in the collaborative network to 15. Thus, the LACTLD project has participation of more than 50% of its associate members.

As a result of its incorporation to the Cloud, the .VE has copies of its zone in the different nodes that make up the network. Thanks to this mechanism, the ccTLD has immediate recovery instances in the event of any incident or attack, thus improving its robustness and resilience. In addition, among other benefits, the EV will achieve better load management, reduced response times and efficient use of its infrastructure.

The Anycast Cloud is a unique initiative in the world due to its regional, collaborative and non-profit nature. Thanks to its operating logic, it makes efficient use of the infrastructure of its participants, provides geographic and topological diversity, and promotes local traffic exchanges.

“One of the main benefits of having joined the Cloud is to have a second replica abroad, since we also have the replica provided by NIC Chile. Another benefit is having Anycast, which allows us to have a faster and more distributed resolution of queries and gives us protection against a DDOS (denial of service) attack”, said’s Manager, Gabriel Porco.

He added: “The LACTLD Anycast Cloud brings many benefits to the region, as it is a collaborative project where all ccTLDs can participate and have their domains distributed in various parts of the world, helping to resolve user queries faster.

To conclude, Gabriel Porco said: “The idea we have at is also to participate in the placement of a node in our ccTLD to contribute another one to the region”.

Miguel Ignacio Estrada, LACTLD’s General Manager, said: “We are very pleased with the incorporation of as a new Anycast Cloud client. Undoubtedly, surpassing the 50% participation of our associates is an important milestone for LACTLD, since it speaks of the commitment to the project and to the objective of further strengthening the security, stability, robustness and resilience of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean”.

To learn more about LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud, its benefits, its participants, and how to become a part of it, you can visit: