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Anycast Cloud: Peru IX joins it as a node

Montevideo, January 2021- Peru IX (PIT Peru SAC) brings a new node to LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud. This way, the collaborative network has 11 nodes and 13 clients, of which .PE is one of them.

It is important to note that the new incorporation occurs within the framework of the memorandum of understanding that LACTLD signed with LAC-IX in June of last year. Thanks to this, the IX (Internet Exchange Point) in Peru adds one more to the series of nodes (servers) already in existence that store copies of the same “database”, which is made up of the zones of the different clients of the Cloud. Furthermore, these nodes, located in different geographical points, share and respond to the same IP address. Then, when a query is made to this “database”, the routing systems choose which of all the available nodes is the “closest” to the query’s point of origin and then route it to this point in the Anycast Cloud, thus speeding up the responses. Therefore, LACTLD’s Cloud Anycast helps to develop a faster and more resilient Internet in Peru, and in the region, not only for .PE domains, but for all ccTLDs that compose it.

“As the neutral IX of Peru we find very important the development of the critical infrastructure in the country, in which the DNS services play a fundamental role for the correct functioning of the Internet in Peru. During 2020 we managed to significantly improve the presence of DNS Root Servers in the country, thanks to the new 5 Root Servers deployed locally in the IX. However, for an optimal functioning of the Internet, not only is it enough to have Root Servers locally, but it is also crucial to have fast, stable and secure access to the ccTLDs in the region, since this is critical to ensure a fast and correct functioning of the Internet for users in the country. That is why when we heard about LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud initiative we thought it was great to support it, since it allows fast, stable and secure access to the main ccTLDs in the region with only 1 millisecond (ms) of latency”, said Salvador Bertenbreiter, Chief Success Officer of Peru IX.

In addition, the CSO added: “In fact, since we became an anycast node of LACTLD we increased the stability of the Internet in the country, and allowed ISPs (Internet Service Providers) connected to the IX to resolve DNS requests to ccTLDs up to 50 times faster than via IP transit”.

Miguel Ignacio Estrada, LACTLD’s General Manager, said: “We are very happy with the incorporation of Peru IX as a new node of the Cloud. This way, the .PE becomes a full participant in this project, being both a client and a node. Undoubtedly, this addition contributes to the distributed nature of the Cloud and, therefore, to a better load management, a reduction in response times and a greater robustness and resilience of the Internet in the region”.

To learn more about LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud, its benefits, its participants, and how to become a part of it, you can visit: