The client nodes are the ccTLDs that use the service in their zone identified as <ccTLD> NS


What are the technical requirements for the use of the service?

  1. Share a PGP encrypted TSIG for secure transfer.
  2. Allow AXFR/IXFR from at master ccTLD.
  3. Transfer trials.
  4. Resolution trials.
  5. Synchronization monitoring.
  6. Add NS to the area of the ccTLD.
  7. Add NS in the root (IANA).


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List of clients

.cr NIC Costa Rica NIC Costa Rica
.py NIC Paraguay Universidad Nacional de Asunción
.ec NIC Ecuador NIC Ecuador
.gt NIC .Gt Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
.sv SvNET Asociación SVNet
.do NIC .DO Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra
.pr .PR Top Level Domain Gauss Research Laboratory Inc.