Anycast Nodes

At present, the cloud nodes are been hosted by six organizations (below you can find the full list of participants). These are all part of the Anycast Cloud ( formed by and for LACTLD members.  


How to host an Anycast node?

You must provide :

  1. Hardware with management interface / virtual console (such as Dell iDRAC, HP iLO, VNC, etc).
  2. It is necessary to “speak” BGP.



Minimal requirements of hardware configuration:

  • CPU: 1x2GHz,
  • RAM: 16GB,
  • Disk: 50GB,
  • Network: 1xGe NIC (2xGe – IX case)
  • Out of band Management interface/virtual console (iDRAC, iLO, VNC, etc.)

Network Requirements:

  • 1 link of 2 Mbps bandwidth
  • 2 IPv4 addresses in host segment, for administration (1 for unicast access to machine, and 1 for iLO)
  • IPv6 connectivity (desirable)
  • A BGP peer that will provide transit
  • Upstream management for BGP announcement of LACTLD ASN/IP routes

Access Control:

  • Complete unfiltered port 53 TCP/UDP access
  • Firewall blocking for iLO to administration addresses
  • Other ports for administration: 22, 8952


Download terms and conditions

List of participants

.ar NIC Argentina NIC Argentina
.br NIC Brasil Comite Gestor da Internet no Brasil
.cl NIC Chile Universidad de Chile
.co .CO .CO Internet S.A.S
.cr NIC Costa Rica NIC Costa Rica
LACNIC LACNIC Registro de Direcciones de Internet de América Latina y Caribe