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General Manager Miguel Ignacio Estrada to leave LACTLD

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After more than three years at the head of the Association, Miguel Ignacio Estrada has announced that he will be stepping down as General Manager on May 7. 

In October 2017, LACTLD appointed Nacho to fill the role in which he served these past years. Currently, the Association has a strong presence on the Internet Governance map, with a relevant position in the regional organizations framework and this is partly a consequence of the significant contribution of his management.

Luis Arancibia, President of the Association, commented: “We are very grateful for Nacho’s enormous contribution to LACTLD. We wish him personal prosperity and much success in his new endeavors and developments in his professional life”.

In the coming days, the Board of Directors will take the necessary actions to begin the process of calling, selecting and recruiting a new General Manager for LACTLD. Until then, the Association will continue to operate normally based on the management of its staff and the collaboration and support of LACTLD’s governing bodies, which will surely be joined by its associates.