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Internet Governance Training 2020

The Association conducted a training for its members and for the Internet community, as part of the LAC Domain Names Week

Montevideo, November 2020- On November 23rd, LACTLD organized and held a closed training on Internet Governance that had the presence of 69 participants from 15 ccTLDs and diverse organizations. At the same time, the Association conducted an open panel for the Internet community.

The session, which took place during the LAC Domain Names Week, was led by Carolina Aguerre, Senior Research Fellow at Centre for Global Cooperation Research GCR21. In addition, 13 other trainers were present.

The training, which included Spanish-English interpretation, was opened by LACTLD’s President, Luis Arancibia, Rodrigo de la Parra (ICANN) and Paul Diaz (PIR), who represented the organizations sponsoring the 2020 training program. Then, in the first session of the day, Mariela de León (.UY) explained how the Internet works. Carolina Aguerre was in charge of the sessions that addressed the introduction to Internet Governance and current Internet policy discussions. Regarding the “Actors of the Internet Community” session, the training was attended by representatives of ALAI, ASIET, ICANN, ISOC, LACNIC, LACISP, LACNOG and LAIX to address this issue.

Until this time, the training had been exclusive to LACTLD’s members. As a last session, a panel open to the public on the Future of Internet Governance was held. It had the participation of Patricio Poblete (.CL / ICANN’s Board of Directors), Rafael “Lito” Ibarra (.SV / ICANN’s Board of Directors), Raquel Gatto (Public Policy Consultant), María Paz Canales (Executive Director of Derechos Digitales) and was moderated by Luis Arancibia (.CL / President of LACTLD). In the end, Miguel Ignacio Estrada, General Manager of LACTLD, was in charge of the closing.

The regional meeting had a highly positive impact on members and attendees, as 100% rated the training as “excellent” and “very useful”. In this manner, LACTLD successfully closed the 2020 training program.