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Interview with Isabel Cristina de Ávila Benítez, .CO Domain and MinTIC’s Internet Governance Manager

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Montevideo, January 2021- .CO Internet SAS, a subsidiary of Neustar INC, has been promoting, administrating and technically managing the .CO ccTLD since February 2010, in accordance with the concession agreement celebrated with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC, in Spanish).

In this interview, Isabel Cristina de Ávila Benítez, .CO domain and MinTIC’s Internet Governance Manager, shares with us her point of view about Internet’s relevance in society, the digital world and digital transformation, and the importance of the .CO domain in all of them.

–Why is it important to have a .CO domain?

–Having a .CO domain for your company is a significant element of communication on the Internet. It is a very important element for your online presence. It generates benefits in your business’ commercialization, marketing, consolidation and growth.

We are in the digital era. It is important for all Colombian organizations to have a presence on the Internet, and to have a .CO. domain. This generates countless benefits for businesses. The first of them is an effective promotion of your brand. That is, a real time promotion of your service and your product, which also generates close relationships between your customers and potential customers, because they will find you very quickly within the ecosystem.

–What is the contribution to Colombia when registering a .CO domain?

–The Colombian State receives compensation for the .CO domain exploitation, that is directed to the financing of digital transformation, connectivity, education, talent and communications strategies and projects. All of them work towards the reduction of Colombia’s digital breach and are in favor of looking for a much more equitable society.

–Do you think that digital presence allows a more equitable society?

–The Internet, besides being a set of new technologies that connect the world, is also a set of tools that connects us to all actors who work in a collaborative and articulated way to solve humanity’s challenges. The Internet makes us more entrepreneurial, more innovative, and these are some of the elements of our digital economy. Today we have a better quality of life than 50 or 100 years ago, and this is a product of the use, promotion and appropriation of the Internet.

–How do digital transformation and the .CO domain go hand in hand?

–The future is given by the fluid collaboration between human capabilities and new technologies. This is important to generate performance, greater financial efficiency and, of course, effectiveness in solving our organization’s problems. For example, including digital transformation processes, the use and appropriation of the .CO domain, which will generate more clients, more income and, of course, more business opportunities.

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