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IXP.GT is LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud new node

Montevideo, January 2021- The Guatemala Internet Exchange Point (IXP.GT) brings the 12th node to the LACTLD Anycast Cloud. This way the collaborative network has now a total of 12 nodes and 13 clients.

As was the case with the Peru IX node, this new addition is part of the memorandum of understanding that LACTLD signed with LAC-IX in June last year. In line with the objectives of this agreement, IXP.GT adds a new node to the Anycast Cloud, further strengthening the distributed nature of the network. This allows ccTLD members of the Cloud to host copies of their zones in yet another geographic location in the region. This contributes to improving response times to user queries, and to strengthening the robustness and resilience of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“We decided to join the project since .gt currently had no local copy. By hosting the LACTLD Anycast Cloud node, we are enabling both the Guatemala ccTLD and the rest of the ccTLDs in the region to have copies of their zones. That is one of the main benefits of joining the network. Also, since the node is on IXP.GT, all members exchanging traffic can take advantage of it, making it a better experience for Internet users in Guatemala,” said Marco Antonio To of IXP.GT.

Besides, he added: “The Anycast Cloud is very important for the region because it provides resilience in the Internet, since it provides local resolutions -without depending on servers abroad- through traffic exchange points, which at the same time provide redundancies because it is a distributed cloud in Latin America”. In conclusion, Marco Antonio said: “We urge all other Internet Exchange Points to enable LACTLD Anycast Cloud nodes for the continuous improvement of its infrastructure”.

Miguel Ignacio Estrada, General Manager of LACTLD, commented: “We are very happy with the incorporation of IXP.GT as a new node of the Cloud. Its participation contributes to the increasingly consolidated distributed nature of LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud”.

To learn more about LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud, its benefits, its participants, and how to become a part of it, you can visit: