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LACTLD announces new Working Group coordinators

Montevideo, March 2021- The three LACTLD Working Groups will have new coordinators. They are Pablo Rodríguez (NIC Puerto Rico – .PR), José Ernesto Grimaldo Tijerina (NIC Mexico – .MX) and Javier Pérez Sandoval (MinTIC – .CO), who will coordinate the Policy and Legal Working Group, the Commercial Working Group and the Technical Working Group, respectively.

LACTLD Working Groups were created in 2016 as discussion and exchange platforms that allow channeling the interests and experiences of the ccTLDs in the region around specific topics (technical, commercial, legal and policy). Each is coordinated by two ccTLD representatives, who are elected by their peers.

In the Policy and Legal Working Group, Rodriguez will replace Erick Iriarte (.PE) and will share coordination with Eduardo Tomé (.HN), who has served in this role since 2020. This group is a space for the exchange of experiences and the discussion of issues related to procedures, policy development processes, dispute resolution, and regulatory frameworks.

The Commercial Working Group is a space for those dealing with issues related to sales, customer service, marketing, communication, advertising and media relations. It is currently coordinated by Jenifer López (.PA), who will be joined by the recently elected José Ernesto Grimaldo (.MX). The latter will replace Jordanna Eggenberger (.MX).

Lastly, the Technical Working Group is the platform for the exchange of experiences and collaboration among those responsible for the technical management of the ccTLDs. Pérez will replace Alejandra Reynoso (.GT) and will coordinate the space together with Juan Olmos (.AR).

LACTLD thanks those who finished their term and congratulates and wishes many successes to the new coordinators in their management.