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The IGF LAC Space 2020 was held

LACTLD was in charge of organizing the fourth edition of the regional meeting

Montevideo, November 2020- The IGF LAC Space brought together 17 organizations and more than 50 participants in a regional discussion organized by LACTLD. 

During this session, which had Spanish-English interpretation, organizations shared the projects, initiatives and research they have undertaken over the past year and their plans for 2021. The IGF LAC Space participants included representatives from the private sector, civil society, the technical community and academia. 

Participants described the various approaches they have taken to expand digital inclusion in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Furthermore, the participating organizations reported on studies, research and papers that have been produced over the past year with the aim of informing decision-making processes and the development of Internet regulations in the region. Speakers from different sectors agreed that policy and regulatory decisions should be adequately informed with input from a range of stakeholders. In this regard, they noted the approval of new regulations in Latin American countries that negatively impact the development of the Internet and the digital economy in the region.

Miguel Ignacio Estrada, LACTLD’s General Manager, informed the community about the activities, projects and trainings that have been conducted by ccTLDs in the region. He also shared the latest news about LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud. This initiative has been growing with new clients (currently 14) and nodes, and with the signing of a MOU between LACTLD and LAC-IX to expand the Anycast Cloud in the IXPs of the region. In addition, Estrada spoke about the DNS Observatory and the LACTLD Illegal Content Forum, an initiative aimed at promoting training and collaboration with judges, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean.