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LACTLD opens call for applications for General Manager position

LACTLD invites all those who are interested to apply for the position of General Manager of the ccTLD Organization of Latin America and the Caribbean.


1- Position description

Conducting the administrative and financial operation of the Association, including the relationship with the different organizations with which it is linked, the direction of the support staff and the coordination of working groups, in conjunction with the Board of Directors of LACTLD. 

2- Specific roles of the position

  1. Developing the different strategic lines of action of the association as defined in its Strategic Planning. 
  2. Organizing the internal discussion processes among the members of the Association. 
  3. Promoting and enhancing cooperation spaces among members, as well as joint participation projects with other actors at the regional and global level. 
  4. Representing the interests of the Association in regional and global spaces where issues related to the ccTLD community, and Internet governance in general, are discussed. 
  5. Coordinating and facilitating the activities of the Association’s Working Groups. 
  6. Maximizing member satisfaction with the services they receive through their membership.
  7. Ensuring strict compliance with the legislation applicable to the different aspects of the Association’s management. 

3- Main activities of the position

  1. Performing appropriate communication with LACTLD Associates for the fulfillment of the Association’s objectives. 
  2. Executing tasks approved by the Board of Directors. 
  3. Representing LACTLD in forums designated by the Board of Directors. 
  4. Representing LACTLD before public, private or international organizations designated by the Board of Directors. 
  5. Defining and executing an action plan to address the execution, control and follow-up of the Strategic Planning. Generating the agreement documents (minutes) of the meetings of the Board of Directors and follow up on said agreements. 
  6. Generating, executing and keeping control of the annual budget of Income and Expenses, according to LACTLD accounting practices. 
  7. Preparing a monthly report on the financial situation of the association. 
  8. Collecting the social dues and the financial control of the organization in coordination with the LACTLD Treasurer. 
  9. Conducting ongoing surveys to determine member satisfaction with the Association’s services and activities, as well as to identify members’ needs.

4- Professional background 

– Professional in any area of economic sciences, administration, social sciences, law or engineering, preferably with postgraduate studies. 

– Bilingual English – Spanish and desirable fluency in Portuguese. 

5- Professional experience

  1. Extensive knowledge of the functioning of Internet governance, and of the different spaces for dialogue on issues specific to the Internet domain name environment and DNS in general. 
  2. Proven performance experience in multicultural environments: 4 years. 
  3. Proven project management experience: 4 years. 
  4. Proven management experience: 4 years. 

6- Competencies or skills 

  1. Relevant knowledge of the Internet Ecosystem. 
  2. Ability to manage material resources and human talent. 
  3. Ability to develop interpersonal relationships. 
  4. Leadership and teamwork skills in environments under pressure. 
  5. Willingness to travel. 
  6. Ability to work remotely. 
  7. Ability to communicate effectively. 
  8. Ability to negotiate.
  9. Goal oriented. 
  10. Ability to speak in public. 
  11. Essential personal qualities: dedication to service, honesty, organization and structured thinking. 
  12. Residence in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

7- Hiring characteristics

– Full-time employment contract. 

– Compensation commensurate with position and experience. 

– Reports directly to the Board of Directors of the Association.

– Frequent travel. 

– LACTLD’s legal address is the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and, consequently, although the provision of services may be performed remotely, the employment relationship will be subject to the law of the State of Uruguay. 

8- Application procedure 

The interested party must submit the following background information: 

  1. a) CV summarizing professional background and training and education, according to what is requested in this call. 
  2. b) Application letter explaining the reasons for applying for the position. Maximum length of 500 words. 
  3. c) Two letters of professional references to be sent directly to the e-mail informed below. 


Receipt of background information: All application documents will be received exclusively at

Interviews and Selection: The Board of Directors will prepare an agenda of interviews with the applicants it decides to pre-select and will proceed to select the candidate who is considered to meet the requirements for the position of General Manager of LACTLD. Notwithstanding the above, the Board may request additional interviews or complementary information, if the best fulfillment of the process so requires.