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LACTLD Reports


12th Edition, 9th Year. COVID-19’s impact on the LAC Domain Name System. The pandemic and the acceleration of digital transformation. LACIGF 2.0. LACTLD’s Illegal Content Forum.


11th Edition, 8th Year. Disaster Preparedness. LACTLD’s 20th Anniversary. National Internet Governance Initiatives in the Region. Blockchain.


10th Edition, 7th Year. Miguel Ignacio Estrada, New LACTLD’s General Manager. How does the DNS Observatory Work? Changes in the Ways to Participate in ICANN.


“HISTORIC MOMENT FOR THE INTERNET COMMUNITY” Since October 1, the IANA stewardship functions are no longer under NTIA’s umbrella. They are now in hands of the Internet Community. A institutional milestone without precedents.


“2016, INTERNET GOVERNANCE IN ITS WAY TO CONSOLIDATION” With the IGF’s continuity guaranteed, this year will be key for the definition of institutional boundaries for some processes and agendas.


“THE IANA FACES ITS FUTURE” The times are approaching for a final proposal for the stewardship transition of the Internet’s root.


“COOPERATION, KEY TO THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNET” The joint work of community actors is essential to generate progress on issues related to the development of the Net, as shown from cyber-security strategies to the advance of proposals for the transition of the IANA, among other topics.


“2014, THE YEAR THAT INTERNET GOVERNANCE STEPPED FORWARD” At conferences, forums and lists the omnipresent issues were the regulations, principles, institutions and processes that affect the global network.


“THE DEBATE IS OPEN” The review of the stewardship functions of the Internet root is a historic opportunity for the strengthening of innovative, multi-stakeholder and open governance mechanisms.


“ANOTHER YEAR OF GROWTH AND CHANGES” The Internet is constantly evolving. So are its challenges. The opportunities for development, participation and representation of stakeholders in the region encourage us to face 2014 with high expectations.


“THE REGION HAS A PLAN” Latin America and the Caribbean presented a joint regional strategy during the ICANN46 Meeting in Beijing.


“LACTLD,TOGETHER WE KEEP ON GROWING” With our new Report we initiate a new era of networking and we keep on strengthening bonds.