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LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud wins the FRIDA Award for Internet Stability and Security

LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud has received the FRIDA Award in the category of “Internet Stability and Security”. FRIDA is a program by LACNIC that supports Latin American and Caribbean initiatives that contribute to the consolidation of a global, open, stable and secure Internet. The program’s Internet Stability and Security line of funding supports projects that stand out for their capacity to strengthen Internet operation in the region based on four themes: cybersecurity, resilience, interconnection and network operation.

The program’s Selection Committee, comprised of regional experts from different sectors and organizations, recognized LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud as a regional, collaborative and non-profit initiative that strengthens the infrastructure and stability of the DNS in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The Anycast Cloud project was first presented in 2014 during a LACTLD Technical Workshop by Frederico Neves, Herbert Faleiros and Danillo Roncoleta (, and by Hugo Salgado (NIC Chile). In December 2016, within the framework of the IGF in Guadalajara, LACTLD signed an agreement to formalize the project with, NIC Chile and LACNIC. Since then, the Anycast Cloud has been growing and adding new participants. Currently, it has 9 nodes located in Latin America, the United States and Europe, and 13 clients from the region.

LACTLD would like to thank the FRIDA program and all the participants of our Anycast Cloud. This initiative is possible because of the contributions of the ccTLDs in the region and the nodes that comprise it. The FRIDA award encourages us to continue working to strengthen the stability and infrastructure of the DNS in Latin America and the Caribbean.