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New agreement with LAC-IX to expand LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud

Ariel Graizer (LAC-IX) and Miguel Ignacio Estrada (LACTLD) sign the cooperation agreement.

LACTLD and LAC-IX (Latin American and Caribbean Association of Internet Exchange Point Operators) signed a cooperation agreement that will facilitate the addition of regional Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) to the LACTLD Anycast Cloud.

Through this agreement, LAC-IX members will have the possibility to host Anycast Cloud nodes. In turn, LACTLD will provide support to LAC-IX partners so that they can join the initiative as participants.

LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud is a collaborative network that seeks to strengthen the infrastructure and stability of the DNS in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its operating logic brings significant benefits to both its nodes and clients. Due to its distributed nature, the network dynamically answers the queries sent to the users based on the availability of the nodes, thus improving load balancing and reducing response times.

Ariel Graizer, president of LAC-IX, remarked “This agreement will allow us to work in coordination and create synergies that will enhance our capabilities in order to continue to improve Internet infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Furthermore, Miguel Ignacio Estrada, General Manager of LACTLD, highlighted “We see LAC-IX as an ideal partner for the deployment of Anycast nodes in the IXPs of the region.”

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About LAC-IX

LAC-IX is the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Internet Exchange Point Operators. It promotes the Internet traffic exchange in the region, contributing to the development of IXPs through best practices, new tools and services that improve the network’s critical infrastructure. 


Latin American and Caribbean Top-Level Domains (LACTLD) is a non-profit organization that brings together and represents the Country Code Top-Level Domain managers (.ar, .br, .cl, .co, .mx, .pa, etc.) in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Since 1998, LACTLD has been an active agent in the development of the Internet and its governance in several regional and global forums. Furthermore, it has contributed to strengthen Internet security, stability and resilience through its projects and activities.