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NIC Argentina launched “”

The exclusive zone for the registration of cooperatives domains arises from the joint work between INAES (National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy) and NIC Argentina, with the aim of promoting the solidarity economy and encouraging the path of digital transformation of cooperatives in the country.

The ‘’ zone is for the exclusive use of all cooperatives registered in INAES and allows them to register domains that are easier to identify by the community on the web, summarizing in 6 letters the main values of a project. In addition, it offers the possibility of creating shorter, more attractive and easier domains, since the term “cooperative” can be omitted from the domain name. In this way, the zone collaborates to improve the performance of each project in the network, broadening the scope of ideas and projects and giving a boost to the activity.

In order to register a ‘’ domain, cooperatives must be registered in INAES and have their registration up to date. To access the domain registration procedure, the ‘’ Special Zone Authorization must be requested from the Remote Procedures platform. Once the authorization has been confirmed, the applicant cooperative may apply for the domain registration.

In the following instructions you can find more information on how to complete the procedure. It should be noted that the same cooperative can register both its legal name and its products and services.

In view of the fact that since the pandemic began most of the tasks have been transferred to virtuality, accelerating the process of convergence from an analog to a digital economy, INAES and NIC Argentina consider that this is a crucial moment to articulate efforts and work on the reduction of inequalities. It is in this sense that the opening of the ‘’ zone is one more step to democratize the Internet space and broaden participation.

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