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NIC.HT is the new Anycast Cloud node

NIC.HT provides the new node of the LACTLD Anycast Cloud. This brings the collaborative network to a total of 13 nodes and 15 clients.

The addition of NIC.HT further strengthens the distributed nature of the network. In this way, ccTLD members of the Cloud can host copies of their zones in yet another geographic point in the region. This helps to improve response times to user queries since the routing systems choose which of all available nodes is the “closest” to the point of origin of the query and then route it to this point in the Anycast Cloud. At the same time, it helps to strengthen the robustness and resilience of the Latin America and the Caribbean Internet, since in case of failure, if one of the nodes is not working, the query is redirected to the nearest available node.

The Anycast Cloud is a unique initiative in the world due to its regional, collaborative and non-profit nature. Thanks to its operating logic, it makes efficient use of the infrastructure of its participants, provides geographic and topological diversity, and promotes local traffic exchanges.

“We joined because it is a great opportunity to increase and strengthen the DNS infrastructure – which is the core of any TLD – and, at the same time, eliminate failures and increase DNS propagation speed”, said NIC.HT’s administrative contact Jean Nahum Constant. “In addition, this initiative is the effective collaboration between the different TLDs in the region in order to make them reliable and efficient. It is mutual assistance”, he added.

Luis Arancibia, President of LACTLD, commented: “We are very pleased with the incorporation of NIC.HT as a new node for the Anycast Cloud. Along with our enthusiastic welcome, we must emphasize that their participation contributes to deepen the distributed and collaborative nature of this project, and significantly increases its impact in terms of further strengthening the security, stability, robustness and resilience of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean”.

To learn more about LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud, its benefits, its participants, and how to become a part of it, you can visit: