.HN joins the LACTLD Anycast Cloud


Management nodes

NIC.hn joins the ccTLDs in the region that are part of the LACTLD Anycast Cloud. Thus, .HN will improve its resilience and gain greater agility and availability to respond to user queries.

By storing copies of its zone in the different nodes that are part of the the network, .HN will considerably reduce response times and gain greater availability to answer DNS queries. Due to their distributed nature, the copies hosted in the Cloud dynamically activate the answers to users’ queries based on the availability and proximity of each of the nodes. Thus, as a client of the Anycast Cloud, .HN will also have immediate recovery instances in the event of an incident or attack.

LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud seeks to strengthen the infrastructure and stability of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a non-profit initiative not intended to compete with existing commercial providers. Additionally, the Anycast Cloud makes efficient use of the infrastructure of its participants, provides geographic and topological diversity, and promotes local traffic exchanges.

In order to deepen collaboration and foster the growth of the Anycast Cloud, LACTLD invites all ccTLDs in Latin America and the Caribbean to be part of this initiative, and to contribute to the strengthening and development of the Internet in the region.

Find more information about the initiative, its main benefits, its participants and how to become part of it, on the LACTLD Anycast Cloud website: https://anycast.lactld.org/en/