LACTLD and NIC Mexico held the Illegal Content Workshop


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The second edition of the Illegal Content Workshop was held in Cancún, Mexico, on March 5 and 6. The meeting was organized by LACTLD and NIC Mexico, and gathered 42 attendees from 11 countries. The aim was to train judges, prosecutors and law enforcement agents on the operation of the Internet and the Domain Name System (DNS), and to discuss best practices to tackle cases of illegal content online.

The first edition of the event had taken place in October last year in Bogotá, Colombia, and had brought together representatives from South American countries under the theme ‘Online Content Workshop’. The last edition of the Workshop was instead aimed at participants from Central America, North America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Represented countries were: Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. In addition, there were participants from Argentina and Chile.

'The Illegal Content Workshop allowed all participants to get to know each other, understand the mechanisms to combat cybercrimes in their respective jurisdictions, and collaborate to improve the agility and effectiveness of these processes', said Pablo Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of Puerto Rico Top Level Domain. 'Personally, it gave me the opportunity to meet two judges and a prosecutor from Puerto Rico, allowing me to share with them information on the legal considerations of our service agreement with our domain registrants’, he added.

Joel Gómez Treviño, Founding President of the Mexican Academy of IT Law and Coordinator of the Digital Law and Privacy Committee of ANADE (National Association of Business Lawyers), said that ‘it was very enlightening to listen to the speakers, all of whom are experts in Internet infrastructure, as well as to the lawyers who shared their vision and experience, mainly on issues related to illegal activities and crimes committed through the Internet’. Gómez Treviño pointed out that ‘having invited judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officials was a great decision, as they are returning home with valuable experience and knowledge to apply in their respective countries’.

‘I thank LACTLD for promoting these meetings between the different stakeholders and I urge all ccTLDs in our region to support the continued organization of this Forum with our resources and participation’, concluded Pablo Rodríguez.

Both editions of the Workshop were held within the framework of the Illegal Content Forum. This Forum is a LACTLD's initiative that seeks to build a network to share knowledge, practices and experiences between ccTLDs and judges, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The second edition of the Illegal Content Workshop was organized with the support of the Public Interest Registry, NIC Mexico, Philip Morris International, LACNIC, ICANN and the Internet Society.