LACTLD introduces its new logo


Management nodes

Looking forward to the path defined in our Strategy 2019-2021, we undertook the design of a new organizational image for LACTLD. Thus, the proposal of a new logo was framed in a work plan agreed by our members and inspired by our commitment to promote an Internet that contributes to the economic and social development through the use of domain names. We are confident that the new brand image will support our activities; strengthen our regional and global representation and participation; and enable us to move forward in fulfilling our mission and Strategy.

The new logo combines the main values and ideas associated with our identity and mission. Among the graphic features, it represents the plurality of our Association based on the participation and collaboration of our members. Furthermore, the new brand image reflects LACTLD's robustness and evolution, consolidated by the coordination and representation tasks, by the expertise and know-how of our members, and by the outreach and capacity building activities. Finally, the visual design emphasizes our role and regional focus as the Association of Latin American and Caribbean ccTLDs.

The design of the logo involved a collaborative approach. Our associate members were able to participate and contribute to the creative process to ensure that the final logo represented the essence, identity and values of LACTLD. On behalf of the Board of Directors, members and staff, we would like to thank Roberto Luján (NIC Mexico), Estefanía Pérez (NIC Chile) and Otto Zaiser (NIC Argentina) for their valuable work during the design process.

Introducing our new organizational image inspires us to continue working and carrying out our initiatives for the development of the Internet in the region.