NIC Panama has developed a new System for Registering and Managing Domains


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Based on the suggestions of its users and with the aim of improving its services, NIC-Panama started the process to renew its domain registration platform. The new system will allow the ccTLD to provide a reliable user-friendly service that meets the needs of its registrants.

LACTLD interviewed Jénifer López, director of the team that implemented the Domain Management and Registration System, to learn more about this new platform.

What are the main benefits offered by the new Domain Management and Registration System?

The new system was designed to facilitate users the management of their domains and the communication with the NIC-Panama team. In order to do so, we incorporated the role of Account Administrator and developed a Control Panel. These functionalities allow our customers to manage all their domains in a centralized way with a single user and password.

In order to simplify communication, we incorporated an internal messaging system. As a result, users can communicate with NIC-Panama's staff in a faster and more customized way.

Furthermore, we also work on the browsing and accessibility of the system. The new interface provides registrants with a simpler and more user-friendly experience.

How did the need to develop a new Domain Management and Registration System arise?

For some years now, the members of NIC-Panama’s Advisory Council, as well as registrars, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and end users, have expressed the need for a new web application that incorporates the latest international trends in the field. This kind of system must allow a fast and flexible domain registration and payment process, must incorporate better security elements, and must provide the user with the greatest benefit, access and control.

We started this project in view of meeting the requests and needs expressed by our users and also with the desire to achieve further growth in the number of registered domain names. By increasing revenues, we will be able to maintain and further develop the technical and human capabilities of the .pa ccTLD.

How would you define the main goal of the project?

The main goal is to promote and strengthen the development of the .pa ccTLD, with a commercial focus. Throughout this process, it must be taken into account that the economic barriers faced by the region and the nature of its ccTLDs (in many cases, academic or governmental dependencies) require changes in mentality, adaptation of internal management and greater strategic planning.

We are very optimistic about the reception of this new system by our users. We believe that all the good things about Panama should be on the Internet!

How has the implementation process being carried out?

Prior to the official launch, we selected some of our users to test the system and give us their feedback. By doing so, we wanted to know if, according to their criteria, any adjustment was required or if, as designed, the system complied with the main features devised during its development, that is, a simple and user-friendly system. After the evaluation stage, we proceeded with the migration of the data and, subsequently, we communicated to our users their initial credentials.