LACTLD members complete the third edition of the Internet Governance Diploma


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The third edition of the Internet Governance Diploma took place in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, from 12 to 17 August 2019. The academic program was coordinated by the Center for Studies in Technology and Society (CETys) of the University of San Andrés and by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), with the institutional support of LACTLD.

Since its first edition, the Internet Governance Diploma seeks to build and strengthen the capacities of the actors that integrate the ecosystem of Internet governance and Internet policies in the region. Based on socio-institutional, technical and legal perspectives, the program addresses a series of issues that are at the core of the agenda on the future of the Internet.

LACTLD and its members have participated in and supported the different editions of the academic program. In this article, Tamara Zylbersztejn from NIC Argentina and Jannett Ibañez from share their learning experience during the third edition of the Internet Governance Diploma:

Tamara Zylbersztejn (.AR) points out that her participation in the program was a very satisfying experience: "Even though these were intense days with a heavy schedule, both the professors in charge of the classes and my classmates made the experience unforgettable. Debates, talks and exchange of experiences and knowledge filled each one of the shared moments". In Jannett Ibañez's (.BO) opinion, the experience was a very enriching one and allowed her to broaden, strengthen and update her knowledge on the topic: “I had the opportunity to learn about different aspects of Internet Governance from an interdisciplinary perspective”.

Both interviewees also highlighted the impact of the academic program in its roles both in the ccTLD and in different projects related to national and regional Internet Governance processes.

Tamara Zylbersztejn (.AR) believes that the learning experience will have a very positive impact: “We have already exchanged activities related to the Governance debates with my fellow students, especially with those who live in Buenos Aires. On the other hand, we are thinking about writing articles related to Governance issues together with the Diploma students from other countries (Brazil, Bolivia and Peru)”. Regarding the activities in the ccTLD, Jannett Ibañez (.BO) explains that based on the contents of the Diploma, she will seek to enhance the participation of in different activities related to Internet Governance: “There is a lot of work to be done in Bolivia. The participation of the greatest number of people and entities is very important. We must support and get involved”. She adds that “all contributions will help to join forces in order to build the Internet Governance ecosystem and support the bridging of the digital divide in our country”.

Finally, LACTLD representatives shared some thoughts on the regional contribution of the Diploma in Internet Governance processes. According to Tamara Zylbersztejn (.AR), "the Diploma has consolidated and grown as the editions have progressed to become a fundamental venue that helps to deepen regional and international ties".

Jannett Ibañez (.BO) states that “the training of new talent is essential, but it is also very important to update the knowledge for professionals who already hold senior positions and who can contribute to the development of aspects related to Internet Governance”. Jannett explains that the content covered in the program enables active participation in the multistakeholder model, in policy development processes, and in addressing security, digital economy, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence issues. “Additionally, I believe that the greater involvement of our region allows us to produce a larger amount of documents in our languages and thus facilitate the participation of many more voices in regional Internet Governance”.