Guyana Top Level Domain joins LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud as a client


Management nodes

Guyana Top Level Domain becomes a client of LACTLD's Anycast Cloud. As a client of the initiative, the ccTLD will obtain significant benefits for its operation, including improved availability, optimized response times and increased resilience.

Anycast is an addressing technology that allows optimal and efficient use of networks. Due to its operating logic, the network automatically removes the routing options that go down or stop working due to some inconvenience. Thus, future traffic will continue to be directed to the available nodes of the Anycast Cloud, and the ccTLD will have immediate recovery instances in the event of an incident or attack.

LACTLD has pioneered the development of a regional, collaborative and non-profit network. This initiative is a cooperative effort promoted by the ccTLDs of Latin America and the Caribbean with the aim of enhancing the robustness and resilience of the Internet in the region. The Anycast Cloud is based upon the best effort principle, is non-profit and does not seek to compete with existing commercial providers.

Our organization celebrates the addition of a new client to the Anycast Cloud, renews the invitation to all ccTLDs in the region and interested organizations that want to be part of the initiative, and continues to work on cooperation strategies that promote the growth of the Cloud in order to contribute to the stability and development of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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