Histories of our associates: .CU


LACTLD shares the histories of its associate members that were included in the 20th Anniversary Publication. In this article, we present the historical review of .CU.

In December of 1991, the .CU was registered and delegated to the NIRV Center, from APC in Canada.

A few years later, in January, 1997, the .CU country code top-level domain began to be administered by CENIAInternet, a network of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Cuba. This is how Cuba’s NIC was created.

CENIAInternet has been part of the Enterprise of Information Technologies and Advanced Telematic Services, CITMATEL, of the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, since October of 1999. At this stage, the name CUBANIC was adopted to identify the NIC .CU.

Beatriz Alonso Becerra has been CUBANIC’s CEO since 1999, and Carlos Ferro Suárez has been working as Technical Contact of such registry since 2000. Meanwhile, Elena Grimany López and Yaremis Miranda Soria have been the administrators of the CENIAInternet network, which is managed by CUBANIC.

*The original history is included in the LACTLD 20th Anniversary Publication.