Histories of our associates: .CW


LACTLD shares the histories of its associate members that were included in the 20th Anniversary Publication. In this article, we present the historical review of .CW.



In 1993, the University of the Netherlands Antilles successfully sought the delegation of the .AN top-level domain that represented at the time the ISO 3166-1 code for the Netherlands Antilles.

On October 10, 2010, the Netherlands Antilles were dissolved. Consequently, three new countries were born: Curaçao, Saint Martin and the BES Islands. In the meantime, the delegation process of the new ccTLD .CW was initiated. On December 15, 2010, the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency instantiated three new entries in the ISO 3166-1 database. These were for Curaçao, with the two-letter code of .CW; for Saint Martin, with the two-letter code of .SX; and for the BES Islands, with the two-letter code of .BQ.

A few months later, on January 2011, the University of the Netherlands Antilles presented its initial application to ICANN for the delegation of the .CW top-level domain for Curaçao. This application was officially supported by the local Internet community and the local government of Curaçao. The .CW ccTLD operations initiated on January 2012. Most of the .AN domain name owners migrated to the .CW zone. The transition process of the approximate 600+ domain names from .AN to .CW was done without any major issues and the .AN ccTLD was removed from the root-zone on July 31, 2015.

After working with the government of Saint Martin, the university entered into a revised agreement with .SX Registry SA B.V. on September 2011 with regard to the transitional arrangements of the new .SX top-level domain. This assistance was also offered for the .BQ delegation. There were several meetings with representatives from the government of the BES Islands. However, they are still in the evaluation process.

On March 12, 2012, the .CW Registry for Curaçao signed the Accountability Framework with ICANN and on May 2, 2012, the .CW became member of the ccNSO.

Nowadays, the University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez is in charge of the .CW management with the help of the local telecom company UTS (United Telecommunication Services). Also, the DNS servers and software are financed by Schlumberger.

*The original history is included in the LACTLD 20th Anniversary Publication.