Histories of our associates: .GY


LACTLD shares the histories of its associate members that were included in the 20th Anniversary Publication. In this article, we present the historical review of .GY.

In April 2006, the University of Guyana took over the management of the .GY country code top-level domain from the University of Puerto.

At presente, the .GY Registry provides a public service to the local and international Internet community. Some of its activities include the provision of routing and administrative services for domain names registered with the .GY ccTLD.

Guyana Top Level Domain allows the registration of second-level domain names (.GY) and third-level domain names (.COM.GY; .CO.GY; .NET.GY;.ORG.GY; .EDU.GY and .GOV.GY). The .GOV.GY domain names are reserved for Guyana Governmental Departments, Agencies and Programmes. By the same token, the .EDU.GY domain names can only be registered by educational institutions within Guyana.

Mr.Rayman Khan has been the Administrator of the .GY country code top-level domain  at the University of Guyana since April 2006. Along these years, he has attended many training sessions sponsored by LACTLD, ISOC, ICANN, NSRC and LACNIC on secure registry operations.

*The original history is included in the LACTLD 20th Anniversary Publication.