Histories of our associates: .HT


LACTLD shares the histories of its associate members that were included in the 20th Anniversary Publication. In this article, we present the historical review of .HT.

.HT staff


In March 1997, two non-state actors, the RERHED and ACN, received the IANA approval to manage the .HT top-level domain. A few days later, this delegation, at the request of the Haitian authorities, is withdrawn to be entrusted to another entity: FOCUSDATA S.A. The latter will manage the .HT until October, 2001.

The main objective  was to find a formula that would allow the proper management for the .HT. Among the various stakeholders, Haiti's Sustainable Development Network (RDDH) and the Faculty of Science (FDS) of the State University of Haiti were the favorites for this kind of task. Thus, on January 11, 2002, the Ministry of Public Works Transport and Communication delegate to these two entities the .HT management, hence the name Consortium FDS/RDDH.

The Consortium FDS/RDDH was approved by ICANN as NIC .HT on January 9, 2004. And it is still the case until today.  

Currently, the RDDH staff is integrated by Jean Jaunasse Elysée, the Administrative Manager; Jean Nahum Constant, the Technical Manager; Clifford Hans Larose, the Technical and Legal Consultant; Jeftey Constant, the Accountant; Nadège Jean Louis and François Pierre. Also, Max Larson Henry holds the position of Technical Manager at the FDS.

*The original history is included in the LACTLD 20th Anniversary Publication.