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Rafael “Lito” Ibarra, founding member of LACTLD, received LACNIC Lifetime Achievement Award

“Lito” is a founding member of LACTLD, was its first president and served on its Board of Directors from 2006 to 2012. A native of El Salvador and a regional reference in the field of Information Technology, he has contributed his outstanding experience to help consolidate national and regional Internet processes. Since 2015, he has been a member of ICANN’s Board of Directors, where he represents the region and highlights the needs of the Global South. He was also a member of LACNIC’s Board of Directors from 2010 to 2018 and founder of CLARA’s Board of Directors.

A promoter of the collaborative Internet model in Latin America and the Caribbean, Ibarra is a renowned figure in multiple sectors of the technical community, the academic community and the region’s ICT ecosystem.

In El Salvador, he is considered the “Father of the Internet”, as he led the country’s connection to the Internet by processing before Jon Postel (IANA) the request to manage the top-level domain for his country (.SV) and receiving a block of 65 thousand IP addresses to begin building connectivity in December 1995.

Oscar Robles, LACNIC’s Executive Director, highlighted Ibarra’s personal commitment, which transcends his role in all the organizations he is part of. He added that Lito actively participates in efforts to promote greater participation of women in technology, encourages the involvement of young people (including those from vulnerable contexts) in technology and the Internet ecosystem, and is strongly committed to the dissemination of knowledge about the Internet.

“In everything that Lito does in the ICANN Board, he works very hard for the knowledge society in his country, in Latin America and around the world. He is an incredible advocate and ambassador for the region,” said Becky Burr, from the ICANN Board of Directors.

“He is a founder, he goes through life founding things, wherever he goes he leaves his mark. With leaders of that nature, one feels that one has a history to give continuity to”, summarized Luis Arancibia, President of LACTLD.

LACTLD congratulates Lito for this recognition and expresses our gratitude for his continuous work for a better Internet in the region.