About us

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About us

LACTLD is a nonprofit association created on August 20th, 1998 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the International Forum on the White Paper (IFWP).


To strengthen the skills development and cooperation among its members. To engage in the constitution and management of regional and global instances related to the Internet domain names governance.


To be the regional organization that represents the interests and promotes the development of the ccTLDs in Latin America and the Caribbean.


LACTLD seeks to bring together the ccTLDs administrators of Latin America and the Caribbean in order to:

  • Coordinate policies and promote strategies for the domain names development in the region.
  • Represent the joint interests of its members in relevant organizations and in international/regional forums.
  • Promote the ccTLDs development in the region.
  • Encourage cooperation and exchange of experiences among its members in all aspects relevant to the proper functioning of the ccTLDs.
  • Establish cooperation ties with analogous associations in the different regions.