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SVNet joins the LACTLD Anycast Cloud

Rafael ‘Lito’ Ibarra, president and CEO of SVNet, and Miguel Ignacio Estrada, general manager of LACTLD, signed the agreement that establishes the .SV integration as a client of the LACTLD Anycast Cloud. The signing took place on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 in the city of Rosario, Argentina.

As a client, SVNet will have copies of its ccTLD zone in the different nodes that integrate the Cloud. Due to its distributed nature, the copies hosted in the Cloud dynamically activate the responses to the users queries according to the availability and geographical proximity of each one of the nodes. Thus, the response times to the users queries are improved and the load management within the network is optimized. Additionally, as a result of the Anycast mechanism, agility is obtained and the robustness of the Cloud is strengthened.

The SVNet incorporation to the initiative also contributes to consolidate the representativeness of the Latin American and Caribbean TLDs in the different nodes that make up the Cloud.

LACTLD is pioneer in developing a regional, collaborative and free Anycast Cloud. This initiative is a joint effort of collaboration which aims to promote the robustness and resilience of the Internet in the LAC region. The Cloud is based upon best effort principles, it is a non-profit venture and it does not seek to compete with existing commercial providers.

“One of the great reasons and benefits of joining the LACTLD Anycast Cloud is to sleep more peacefully, in the sense that we have an excellent scheme of secondary services of the zone,” said Lito Ibarra. “The fact of being part of this project, gives us the guarantee and security that what it will be doing is growing more, expanding the cloud more and then giving us, without us even having to do anything, more security, more stability, more redundancy, and a better operation ultimately for our users, who register their .SV domains,” he added.

In conclusion, the SVNet President said: “For me, this is an opportunity that ccTLDs cannot miss. It has only advantages. The conditions are excellent. You just have to sign an agreement to get everything duly registered, and then proceed with the technical part, but it is also relatively simple. It has great technical support from LACTLD”.

From LACTLD, we are pleased to announced that SVNet is now part of the Anycast Cloud and contributes to deepen regional cooperation between registries and organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.