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The ccNSO Council introduces its new leadership team

Montevideo, March 2021- As part of the update meeting on the last day of ICANN70, the Council of the Country Code Names Supporting Organization appointed new members to its leadership team: Alejandra Reynoso, Pablo Rodriguez and Jordan Carter.

This way, staff from two ccTLD members of LACTLD will hold leadership positions on the ccNSO Council. On one hand, Alejandra Reynoso, researcher and developer of the .GT Domain Registry and recent coordinator of the LACTLD Technical Working Group will be the Chair of the Council. This represents a milestone, as Alejandra becomes the first woman from Latin America and the Caribbean to hold this position. On the other hand, Pablo Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of NIC Puerto Rico and recently elected coordinator of the LACTLD Policy and Legal Working Group will be Vice Chair. Pablo has been a member of the Board for the past 4 and a half years. Finally, Jordan Carter from .NZ completes the leadership team also as Vice President.

Since its creation in 2003, the ccNSO has provided a forum for ccTLD managers to meet and discuss topical issues of concern from a global perspective. Moreover, it provides a platform to nurture consensus, technical cooperation and skill building among ccTLDs and facilitates the development of voluntary best practices for its managers. It is also responsible for developing and recommending global policies to the ICANN Board for a limited set of issues relating to ccTLDs, such as the introduction of Internationalised Domain Name ccTLDs (IDN ccTLDs).

The policy development process is managed by the ccNSO Council, which consists of 18 Councillors (15 elected by ccNSO members, three appointed by the ICANN Nominating Committee). On this occasion, Jenifer López of NIC Panama was elected to be part of the Council, while Margarita Valdés of NIC Chile leaves its role there after 9 years.

LACTLD would like to congratulate and wish every success to the staff of the ccTLD members who will become members of the ccNSO Council, as well as to those who have completed their term of office.