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The LACTLD Report 12 has been published

Montevideo, December 2020- The last edition of the LACTLD Report offers a regional overview of the most relevant issues in the domain name ecosystem. With a focus on the impact of COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean, the LACTLD Report 12 covers the activities and projects of the Association, capacity building efforts in the region, the digital governance and transformation processes, and the latest news from our members.

The Latin American and Caribbean ccTLD publication analyzes the impact of the pandemic on DNS operations and domain name registration growth in the region. It also addresses the most recent discussions on DNS abuse and provides a comprehensive review of personal data protection in ccTLDs.

The acceleration of the digital transformation in Latin American and Caribbean countries is one of the issues that has gained much attention in recent months. LACTLD members and other experts in the region analyze and discuss the impact of the pandemic on these processes in the LACTLD Report 12. In addition, the publication examines the current review and transformation of the regional Internet governance mechanisms.

The LACTLD Report 12 looks at many of the projects undertaken by our Association in recent months. The publication presents the outcomes of the collaboration and training activities carried out within the Illegal Content Forum. This unprecedented initiative has promoted communication and has enabled the exchange of knowledge between ccTLDs and authorities. In addition, this awareness-raising effort regarding network stability, resilience and security has fostered networking activities and cooperation among different regional actors.

The last edition of the LACTLD Report was compiled and edited by LACTLD members and staff. We would like to thank the Editorial Committee members: Luis Arancibia, Clara Collado, Ernesto Bojórquez, Miguel Ignacio Estrada, María Fernanda Alvarez, Rocío de la Fuente and Santiago Fernández Ruiz. Also, we are very grateful to all the regional organizations and experts who shared their analysis and insights for the LACTLD Report 12.

You can download and take a look at the LACTLD Report at